Location for Hire?

Film companies require many locations from the grandest of castles to the humblest of bedsits. Be it historic, period, modern or futuristic, they will require all at one time or another.

Why rent out your property to a film company?

There are two basic reasons.

First, it pays well. Renting out your home for a half day photo-shoot would pay £500+ while a film company would net you between £1500 and £5,000 per day. More for a large property.

Fees for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars would be much more. Loss of business, staff wages and any costs incurred would have to be added.

The second reason will also benefit businesses. Why would a potential customer go down the road to your competitor when he or she could stay, dine, or drink in the very hotel, restaurant or bar used in a major film or TV drama?

“I will have the same table as Brad Pitt, please.”

Travel companies are now organising tours around the locations of some of the most popular productions such as Outlander, Game of Thrones, and the Outlaw King to name a few.

Registering your property with Scottish Film Locations does not mean that you must accept every offer. It is up to you. 

What do we need?

Photographs. We need good quality photographs of the exterior and interior of your premises.

You should take photographs in landscape orientation, not portrait. Take shots from all four corners of each room. Do not include people or pets. You should photograph any unusual features and any outbuildings.

Your personal information and address will only be made available to interested production companies.

What will it cost you?

 To register your property on Scottish Film Locations, will cost you £250 per year. Businesses claim this as an expense.

Alternatively, you can register for free and we will charge you 20% commission on fees agreed between you and a producer wishing to use your property.

What if you would prefer professional photographs?

We can supply a professional photographer to take all the photographs. This would cost £250 and you would have the copyright of all images. You can use these for your own website, advertising, etc.

If you are interested in hiring out your property as a film location, use the button below to register it.