Listing Terms and Conditions

1. In the following, the property owner shall be known as “the Client” and the production company as “the Hirer.”
2. The Client agrees to their property being marketed on the Scottish Film Locations website as a potential location for film, television, video or photography productions and grants Scottish Film Locations a licence to use photographic images or video and details of their property.
3. The Client should own copyright to all photographic images supplied to Scottish Film Locations
4. There are two options open to the Client. 
Option A:
The Client pays to Scottish Film Locations an annual listing fee of £250 and deals directly with the Hirer.
Option B:
The Client does not pay an annual listing fee. Listing is free.
The Hirer will pay the hire fee directly to the Client. (Production companies normally pay the hire fee on or before the first day of filming)
With this option, the Client agrees to pay Scottish film Locations a commission fee of 20% of the total fee paid by the Hirer. This commission fee must be paid to Scottish Film Locations within 30 days of filming beginning. 
5. There is no obligation on the Client, to accept any offer of hiring their property. However, if the Client accepts a hire and signs a contract with the Hirer, the Client will have to honour the agreement.
6. The Client has the right to terminate the agreement with Scottish Film Locations at any time, providing there are no outstanding agreements made with Hirers / Production companies. Termination should be sent by post or email to Scottish Film Locations.