We are looking for film locations in Scotland.

Film and Projector

You don't have to own a castle!


A film location could be anything from the grandest of palaces to the most basic of kitchens.

 ARCHAEOLOGICAL: Old sites, ruins, standing stones etc. CIVIC: Town Halls, Churches, Schools, Emergency Services, Clubs, Libraries, Galleries, Museums, Military etc.

 COMMERCIAL: Pubs, Restaurant, Cafes, Hotels, Offices, Theatres, Cinemas, Shops, Stores, Gyms, etc.

 EXTERIORS: Woodland, Beaches, Farm Land, Parks, Villages, Bridges, Roads, Gardens, Estates, Waste Land, etc. INDUSTRIAL: Warehouses, Factories, Farms, Garages, Workshops, etc.

 INTERIOR: Flat, Farm, Cottage, Conventional Family Home, Period Style, Grand, Basic, Shop, Office, Place of Work, Empty Property, etc. 

HISTORICAL: Castles, Palaces, Stately Homes, Old Bridges, etc.

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